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'UGLY' Show - & - Tell

Just a quick reminder before you read about Lindsay + Lindsay's 'UGLIES' don't forget to enter to win a free accessory of your choice from Paparazzi.

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AND today, I have invited Lindsay + Lindsay from Sadie + Stella to showcase a little of  'UGLY' in their homes. What you say?? Lindsay + Lindsay have something ugly in their homes?  I know - hard to believe, especially if you have visited their fabulous design blog.  The point is, we all have a little bit of ugly in our homes (if YOU don't, the rest of us are jealous!) that we can't stand and wish we could replace.  Sometimes it's just nice to see that we are all in the same boat trying to work with what we have!  Of course, this wouldn't be a design blog if we didn't also showcase how we would (or have) transformed the 'UGLY.' 

We are Lindsay + Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and we could not be more thrilled to be sharing our ugliest pieces of furniture, with ROOMS readers. Since there are two of us, we have two pieces to share with you all. We hope you all can withstand the befores...

The beginning of this wingback chair could not be more sorry. The chair was in absolute despair. Including layers of fabric, stains...you name it! 
We could not be more pleased with the after! Lots of blood sweat and tears went into this DIY upholstery job. It was well worth the work! See the full transformation here.

This bookcase is a major cheapy that was purchased at Tarjae (Yes, it is French), many years ago. Although it does its job, the particle board leaves much to be desired. 

The solution you ask? Other than great and thoughtful styling, we are thinking O'verlays! These are a fairly inexpensive way to transform a dull piece into a drool worthy item. They make your furniture to appear to be one of a kind and of course, unique. We love! Cannot wait to show you the after.

Thanks a ton Lindsay + Lindsay!  I think that chair transformation looks so beautiful! And O'verlays would be a great solution to jazz up that bookcase.  O'verlays is a new product on the market.  Here are a few pictures of the products for those that are unfamiliar with it:


Make sure you go check out Sadie + Stella you'll be hooked!

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