Guest Post : A Corner of My Room

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Guest Post : A Corner of My Room

Hi! I'm Trissta of Living on the Chic. I'm so excited about sharing a corner of  my master bedroom with you today!  My goal at Living on the Chic, is to decorate my home with as little money as possible. If you check out my space, you can see my living room, dining area, my guest room (which just got moved to a smaller room), and many of my other projects! I'm so excited to share my latest with you.

I picked up this chair years ago and reupholstered it in this great damask material... Love it still! The ottoman was picked up a thrift shop for $6.  I added a Brom poster on the wall and a small magazine rack (that I picked up at Salvation Army for $.50) to hold my reading material... On top, I have a small desk lamp with another giant clam shell as a catch-all. The drift wood I picked up as a souvenir from my trip to Caples Lake, California.

Check out my blog soon to see more pictures! Thank you so much, Melissa for letting me share a 'corner of my room!'


Thanks for stopping in, Trissta!  
Make sure you go check out Living on the Chic!

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