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'UGLY' Show - & - Tell

Good morning everyone!  I have invited a couple more bloggers to showcase the 'UGLY' in their homes.  We all have a little bit of ugly in our homes (if YOU don't - the rest of us are jealous!) and sometimes it's nice to see that we are all in the same boat just trying to work with what we have!  But of course, this wouldn't be a design blog if we didn't showcase what we would love to replace the 'UGLY' with!

Today, Amber is visiting from Simple Dwellings, along with Marissa from ROOST!


Hello ROOMS readers! My name is Amber from Simple Dwellings, and I am so excited to be here at Melissa's blog today sharing a piece of furniture we have had forever! My husband and I have been blissfully married for nine years. We have a few furniture pieces from his bachelor days that I have been determined to get rid of transform! One of those pieces is a green recliner that has seen better days. When we first got married, I knew I wanted to make it look more like a wing chair and cover the green fabric. Since the recliner part of the chair was on its last legs, we knew that adding a simple white slipcover would look better and keep the chair in one piece! Here is the chair at its current state:

The last image gives you a peek at the green fabric! Although I want to replace this piece, I am a bit nostalgic... it was one of the first furniture pieces in our family room. I even remember when it was our only seating in that room! Having said that, there is also nothing wrong with finding another chair that would suit us both. So here are some ideas for its replacement:

I love the look of these chairs paired with an ottoman! The ottoman is so versatile and can easily be moved to other seating areas in the room. We could go masculine chic with a leather club chair, coastal chic with a modern wing back style or french inspired with a more traditional bergere chair. The choices are limitless! We'll live with the slipcovered recliner for now, but a change is sure to come! Maybe for the 10th anniversary- that's my plan, anyway! Some girls love jewelry... I love furniture!
Thank you so much Melissa, for having me on your blog today! It was fun to think about furniture changes for the future!

And now, Marissa from ROOST to showcase her 'UGLY'...

The worst piece of furniture in my house is probably my sad little
IKEA dining table. I bought it to fit in our teeny little dining room
and it is so small you can hardly call it a table, it's more like a
desk. My husband and I are both tall, so we look pretty funny sitting
at our little kid table. 

Beside being small, the table is also unfinished wood. On the bright
side, I do all my craft projects here without worrying about hurting
the finish!

I am pretty excited to upgrade to life-sized dining furniture when my
husband finishes graduate school and we move in just a few months. I
would be open to replacing it with pretty much anything, but here are
my favorites:

I am grateful to even have a dining table, period. But I can't wait to
have a big, pretty one!


Ladies, thank you for showing off the 'UGLIES' in your home!  

Make sure you visit Amber and Marissa's blogs!

Simple Dwellings

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