'UGLY' Show - & - Tell

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'UGLY' Show - & - Tell

Hey Guys!  I have Andrea here today dishing about an 'UGLY' in her home...something most of us can relate to....:)

Hey everyone! My name is Andrea, and I blog over at Strawberry-Chic. I am a mother of 1 (almost 2) and an interior design graduate. My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and just recently moved out of our little college town in Idaho and have been trying to start designing our home the way we have always wanted.

I was so excited when Melissa asked me to be apart of her "Ugly" Show & Tell Series. Which sounds a little weird right?...I mean, I don't typically like to remind myself of all of the ugly things in my home that have overstayed their welcome. But, I think it's fun to get a REAL LIFE glimpse into other people's lives and it's interesting to see that contrary to what some may think, most people do not live in a picture perfect home.

There are multiple furniture pieces in my home that I would like to change, but the one that particularly bothers me can be found in my master bedroom...

Can you guess what it is?...

It's the hideous folding table located right at the foot of our bed!

Now, normally you wouldn't see a table at the foot of so someone's bed, but about a year ago my husband and I decided we needed somewhere to set our computer so we could watch movies at night, and the table has been there ever since (although it usually accumulates a bunch of clothes and junk during the week, lucky for you, today was cleaning day :)

If you are wondering about the paint stains...the table was originally used as an "art desk" when my husband and I were first married so it's been through a lot!

I would LOVE to replace the table with either of these options...

Or one of these...

Thanks again Melissa, I had tons of fun with this project... hopefully I can get rid of the table and find something more aesthetically pleasing soon!

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  That seems like something my husband would want to do...I better make sure he doesn't see this post!  I don't want to give him any ideas!

Andrea, thank you, - thank you for being here today!  Make sure you go tell her 'hello' on her blog, Strawberry Chic!

P.S.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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