My Skirted Sofa

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My Skirted Sofa

Yesterday, on the Nate Berkus Show, they showed a room makeover where the skirt was removed from a sofa to reveal the legs underneath.  It looked pretty good.  'What a great idea!" I thought to myself,  "I have a skirted sofa not my style that I could try the idea out on!"

Here is my sofa as it currently stands:
Ya...NOT so cute, right???  
There are 4 things I do not love about this sofa:
A - The skirt
B - The rolled arms
C - The puffy back cushions
D - The upholstery color

There are two good things about this sofa:
A - It's comfortable
B - Because of it, we have somewhere to sit!

On good ole' Photoshop I did a mock up of what it would like if I removed the skirt...

...Not as great as I had hoped.  It's possibly okay (maybe) from the front,  but from the sides the beefy sofa just looks to heavy for those weak-looking, ugly legs.

This idea may work for you if you have nice wooden legs to reveal, but if your sofa is like mine, it might be better just to leave well-enough alone, and work with what you have!

Here is my initial plan. I have yet to dig into fabrics, coordinating pieces, etc, etc:

*Place an ottoman with sleek legs in front of the sofa to off-set the sofa's skirt.

*Recover existed pillows with colorful graphic throw pillows.

Do you have a skirted sofa that needs some help?

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