Decorating Our Rental Home

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Decorating Our Rental Home

Last week I showed you the color scheme I decided on for my master bedroom.  Well, I have some progress to share with you!

First off, let me show you where we started.  Pretty blah, right??

Things improved a tad when I got new bedding at Christmas.  You may be thinking, ''s a different room..."  Yes - we moved.  Also as a side note, you can see this room has some design challenges with that off-center window.

The king-sized shams really left something to be desired....
 So, using the plain white shams as a pattern, I made new ones with a white and navy striped fabric.  The backs are solid navy with an opening to remove the pillows when needed.

Next, I made a couple of 18" throw pillows with a down fill.  I purchased the fabrics at a local fabric store.  

You may have noticed the lamps in the previous photos.  Guess where they are from?  Lowes!  Guess how much they cost?  $45!!  I call that a steal!

So, that's where I am so far.  There is still work to be done, but now I can at least go into my bedroom and enjoy my surroundings a little more!

What do you think?  Do you like the direction the space is going?


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