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'Cookie' Rooms

Being 39 weeks pregnant, I have had a serious sweet tooth!  I have been baking a lot of cookies!  My husband has loved it!  I tried to think of how I could relate this to design...hmmm...tricky.  Not much came to mind (my thoughts just keep wandering back to baking more cookies) The only thing I came up with was finding pictures of rooms that look like the cookies I have made over the last few weeks.

choc chip cookies - I made these.  They were dang good!

A 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Dining Room  
I love the warm shades of brown in this space.  It looks very welcoming.

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Double Chocolate Cookies

A 'Double Chocolate Chip Cookie' Reading Nook
I could see myself sitting there on that bench and eating these cookies right now.  Except...I may worry about getting chocolate on that off white upholstery!
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A 'Snickerdoodle' Kitchen
I think this is an awesome kitchen!  I love how industrial elements were brought in through the steel beams, barstools, foot rest, and the wire hanging pendants. Yet the space still feels inviting with the warm woods and tile.

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Is your mouth watering now???
Over the cookies or the gorgeous rooms???

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