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Guest Post: Arcadian Home

Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to be here with you here at Rooms with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It's a fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful modern pendant lights to a wonderful array of rugs for the floor. Today's topic is chairs, lovely seating around the dining table to be specific. From traditional to modern to the simply quirky, I've brought along eight images to explore some of the amazing chairs that have recently caught my eye. Let's have some fun with stylish dining chairs! ~ Mari Dining Chairs
  This traditional dining room is updated with a contemporary take on the crystal chandelier and velvet dining chairs with their casual patterned backs. Traditional chair design meets contemporary textile pattern for a happy merger. Dining Chairs
  A modern pendant light hangs above this large round table surrounded by raspberry-hued chairs. It wasn't planned, but it seems velvet chairs will be popping up here and there in this post. Dining Chairs
Dainty brass forms the framework of these cool white contemporary chairs—a beautiful design choice for this altogether contemporary dining room. 
 Dining Chairs
  Superb style and luxurious comfort come together in these silvery gray dining chairs. The room itself is a beautiful mix of old and new. I can see long dinners, stimulating conversation and lingering over coffee in this inviting space. Dining Chairs
  A perfectly charming glass pendant light works beautifully with these quirky high-backed dining chairs upholstered in vivid strips.
 Dining Chairs
  How amazing are these molded wood dining chairs with their lovely tall backs? Dark charcoal paneled walls create a perfect backdrop for this space. Dining Chairs
  This white dining room is a wonderful spot for breakfast (or any other meal) with Mid-Century chairs in purple and a white "cut-paper" pendant light. A casual gallery wall displaying treasured family artwork adds even more personality to the space.

 Dining Chairs
  A stylish dining room with black and chrome table and chairs gets a touch of color and Mid-Century style with the addition of an iconic Egg chair.

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 What do you think of these dining room chairs? Let us know what you think, and stop by our website for more home decor, pendant lighting, and home inspirations!

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