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Shop the Look: {Coffee Bar}

 Happy Monday, friends!  Today I am talking coffee bars...the perfect topic for a Monday morning!

Our coffee bar is one of my favorite little spots in our kitchen.  What I love most about it is that it is welcoming, looks nice and is functional!


Every time I post a picture of it on Instagram, I get tons of questions asking where I purchased certain items so here is a list:

Chalkboard bins for K-Cup storage, sugar/creamer set, tea towel, white mugs: Homegoods
Numbered ceramic pieces, fox and deer mugs: Tuesday Morning

Since those stores do not offer online shopping,  I found some great items that will give you the same look!  All sources are linked below!

Click for source links:
3 tier "drying" rack  / Monogram Mug / Distressed Wood Chalkboard Bins / Embossed Mugs / Chalkboard Mugs / Letterpress Mugs /Sugar Container / Creamer Pitcher /  Coffee Canister / Cinnamon Shaker / Tea Towel

Happy Shopping!!

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