Tutorial {DIY Oversized Bookpage Art}

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The Name Of The Posting : Tutorial {DIY Oversized Bookpage Art}
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Tutorial {DIY Oversized Bookpage Art}

We have lived in our home for over a year and I could never find the perfect wall decor for this huge, blank wall.  I had a few ideas but nothing ever worked the way I wanted it to.  After a year of staring at the wall, I finally figured out a plan!  I would take some of my favorite quotes and create my own art! 
The first step is to find a quote you love.  In my case, I knew I wanted a set of four framed prints to fill the wall so I sat down one day and searched the internet for four quotes that were inspiring and would be a nice reminder to read everyday.  You should pick a quote that speaks to you and is something that reflects your personal beliefs!  Notice that these are not actual quotes out of books, but appear that way with the way they are typed out.  I simply put the author's name centered at the top, typed out the quote and put "she said" or "he said" at the beginning.  Once I had it all typed out, I played around with the font, letter size and spacing.  Depending on how long the quote is, you can go larger or smaller to make it fit just right.  I used Microsoft Word to create my pages.

Even though my quotes were not actual book pages (although if you do have a favorite book, you certainly could do actual book pages), I went ahead and added page numbers to the bottom to make it appear as a book page.  I didn't want to pick random numbers so I added a personal touch and used the birthday of my husband, my two daughters and me!  Not too many people would probably notice, but I wanted to add a special touch!

Once you have everything just perfect, you will want to save your file.  Once you have it saved, go back and save it as a PDF.  This is very important so that the words will fit to scale when you go to enlarge/print your files!
Download everything to a flash drive and take it to FedEx Office/Kinko's.  Be sure to have your frames picked out and be aware of the size so that you can have them printed to fit.  My frames were 22 x 28.  I had them enlarged and printed right then and there on regular paper.  Just make sure and tell the employee how large you want them, they can do pretty much any size.  For all four copies, I paid under $10!! 

I am thrilled with the way it turned out and for under $70 total for the entire project this wall is complete! 

What do you think of them?  Is this a project you plan on trying!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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