Our Home: {Master Bathroom}

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Our Home: {Master Bathroom}

Thanks for stopping by today!  We are in the midst of yet another ice/snow "storm".  I use that term loosely because I know a few days of this weather is nothing compared to what others have been dealing with but I am ready for it to end!  Come on spring!
Today I am sharing a peek into out master bathroom.  When designing this space, I wanted to create a simple and serene room that had a spa like feel.
This huge, blank wall was the perfect place to add a piece of furniture.  I wanted something that not only looked nice but also functioned as additional storage.  I came across this shelf at HomeGoods one day and knew it would be the perfect fit for the space.  I loved the rustic feel of the wood shelves and the traditional lines of the spindles.
I kept the accessories to a minimum to keep the room from feeling cluttered. The galvanized buckets caught my eye and I knew they would be perfect for storing towels.  To add a little ambiance to the space, I used dollar store candles (fancy, I know) grouped together with twine.  I like to light the candles while I am getting ready in the morning or taking a bath at night.  There is just something about the glow that makes me happy. 

To store items like bath slats, Q-tips and sponges, I used these vintage inspired apothecary jars.

 They add a feminine touch to the space and balance out the rustic feel. 

This little stool was one of those things I bought not really knowing where it would end up.  I put it here to get it out of the way and ended up loving it in this spot.  The concrete top and reclaimed legs add texture and interest to the space.  ...And, it is a great place to put another candle! Can you tell I love candles?

Moving on to the next area...the walk in shower.  When we were building the house, I always pictured a small bench in this area but the reality was it was much too narrow when all was said and done.  We really needed something to hold towels close by and I didn't want a typical towel rack.  One day I was strolling through my favorite antique mall and came across this ladder and immediately knew it was the perfect solution!  The galvanized hanging bucket was purchased in the floral/garden section of a craft store and is perfect to hold wash cloths!


So there you go...a sneak peek into our master bathroom.  Check back soon to see the progress in the other areas of this room!

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