Spring Decor: {Bringing the Outdoors In}

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Spring Decor: {Bringing the Outdoors In}

I am so excited for spring! We are finally getting a dose of warmer temperatures here in Texas!  I am hoping we are done with winter and can move onto warmer days, sunny skies, blooming plants and lots of patio time!

Over the last few weeks, when I was stuck at home due to ice, I had a lot of time to decorate for the warmer season ahead!  I love using greenery and natural elements throughout my home to add interest to the neutral color scheme.  I do not have a green thumb, so I opted for a lot of faux ferns, rustic wood pieces and greenery sprigs.  I love bringing the outdoors in and creating a natural, serene environment.
My home is full of vintage pieces mixed in with newer items.  I love the look and adding pops of green through the plants was a good way to balance the vintage/industrial look in our entryway!


In our dining room, I added some faux fern sprigs to my bottle collection.  I love the pop of color the bright green adds!


In our living room, I used a potted fern (faux) to bring in a touch of color to this space!  The branch adds some nice texture to finish off the look.

I plan on tackling the patio and front porch within the next few weeks! What about you?  Have you decorated for spring yet?

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