My new wire basket!

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My new wire basket!

Happy Saturday! 

I am sure you all know about Decor Steals, right?  If you don't, well now is the time to check them out!  Each day they offer a new item for sale.  They have so many great products up for grabs and it will soon become a website you will want to check daily!

One of my favorite Décor Steals products is this wire basket and it just so happens to be up for grabs today!

What I love most about it is that it can be used in a variety of different ways!  The stand and basket are separate pieces which just adds to the endless possibilities of ways to style it. 

Here are a few ideas I came up with:
1. Use it as a planter on the patio.
2. Use it in the bathroom to hold rolled up towels.
3. Use it in a playroom for toy storage.
4. Add a rustic wood top and use as a side table
5. Use it in a child's room to hold books or stuffed animals.
6. Line it with plastic and use it as a drink holder at an outdoor party.
7. Use it in a bedroom for extra blankets and pillow storage.
8. Use it next to the fireplace to store firewood.

Those are just a few ideas...I am sure you can think of even more!

I have had mine for a few weeks and have used it in a few different ways but lately it has been used as a planter for a fern!  I styled it outdoors on my patio and inside my home in various locations so you could see how versatile it is!


The color is the perfect mix of "chippy' blue and aged metal.  While it is not a vintage piece, it has a wonderful patina!



*Thank you, Decor Steals, for sponsoring this post!*

Thank you L Marie Designs for the fabulous images!  If you are in the Dallas area, I highly recommend her for photography services!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...I am off to soccer!

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