What's New Wednesday: {Breakfast Nook}

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What's New Wednesday: {Breakfast Nook}

Happy hump day!  Hope your week is going great! 
If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen my latest Home Goods purchase.  If you don't follow me yet and would like to, you can click HERE
I did some shopping with a friend last week and picked up the large beaker "vase" shown below.  I am always the girl who goes for the things that most people walk right past!  I love items that are a little quirky and have interesting details...the things that make my husband give me the "what in the world is that" look!
I already had a smaller beaker vase that I picked up a few years ago but it already had a spot on my kitchen shelf and I didn't want to mess with moving it or having to  rearrange that area.  What's a girl to do?  Well, she goes back to HomeGoods the next day and picks up the smaller version of the big one she bought the day before!  It was a match made in Home Goods heaven!
I added some faux greenery sprigs to each of them and styled them on top of a vintage bread board....

I love the way the compliment the glass bottles on my breakfast nook shelves!

After finding those two, I walked into another Home Goods and found this smaller one...
I think it goes great on my branch table and I love the way the sun reflects through the glass!
What do you think of them?  Would you have bought them or would you have walked right past them?

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back Friday for this week's "Friday Finds" post!

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