What's New Wednesday: {Our Front Porch}

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What's New Wednesday: {Our Front Porch}

Wednesday snuck up on me...the weeks seem to fly by the closer to summer we get!
Today I am sharing our front porch.  I am doing a little celebratory dance at the fact that my plants are still alive!  That is something "new" to me!
I kept it simple this year and planted an Asparagus Fern alongside some Rosemary in a cute, little galvanized bucket from Home Goods! It has rusted a little from the weather but I love the way it looks...the patina adds character!
I bought the iron plant stand several years ago at a flea market and every year I just buy a new fern to go in it.  Super easy and looks great!  They do well in partial shade and they grow fast!  I usually pay around $10 and they last well into the winter. I think the plants add so much character to the porch.

Our little bistro set is from Ikea...it reminded me of a set you would see at a French cafe.  You can see the patina on my Home Goods planter here....

A personalized doormat and faux boxwood wreath complete the look and create a welcoming front porch!

What is your "go to" plant for spring/summer?  I am always looking for new plants to try out! 

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