Elegant Dining Room Makeover

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Elegant Dining Room Makeover

I had the pleasure of helping a local client decorate their dining room.  The space was pretty plain and lacked personality.  I knew it had possibilities with those tall ceilings and beautiful arched windows.


My client was very budget conscientious so I did not go over board on decor.  I was very thoughtful of the decor I suggested and made sure the items we put in the space really made a 'wow' statement.

This is the mood board I put together for my client to show the decor that I thought would look gorgeous in the space.

My clients' liked everything, with exception of the chandelier.  They were not in love with the one I selected and it was a little too expensive.  As a replacement, I found this chandelier that I think was even more perfect for the space.

So without further adieu, here are the pictures of the completed space!

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