Friday Finds: {Whimsical Pillow Covers Under $10}

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The Name Of The Posting : Friday Finds: {Whimsical Pillow Covers Under $10}
The Title Of The Article : Friday Finds: {Whimsical Pillow Covers Under $10}

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Friday Finds: {Whimsical Pillow Covers Under $10}

Happy Friday to you!  Hope you had a great week!  I have been busy working on my 8 year old daughter's room redo and I have to admit that she is my toughest client yet!  I do love how involved she is in the process and cannot wait to see the  finished product... a room that she pretty much designed!  I came across all these darling pillows while sourcing a few things for her room and wanted to share them with you!!  Most of these are under $5 but they are all under $10!  All the product's affiliate links can be found listed under the collage.  Just click on the corresponding number and description for the product listing!

Product Affiliate Links: (click on link for website}
1. Lay In the Sun Pillow Cover
2. Elephant Pillow Cover
3. Imagine Pillow Cover
4. Follow Your Dreams Pillow Cover
5. Giraffe Pillow Cover
6. Love You More Pillow Cover
7. Paris Pillow Cover
8. Deer Pillow Cover
9. I Love You Pillow Cover
10. Let It Be Pillow Cover
11. Best Day Ever Pillow Cover
12. Sun. Moon, Stars Pillow Cover

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