Our Outdoor Furniture and a SALE!

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Our Outdoor Furniture and a SALE!

I wanted to pop on here real quick and share the links to our outdoor furniture and pillows! We have had this set for a year and absolutely love it!  The wood still looks as great as it did the day we brought it home and it gets plenty of exposure to the elements.  While it is under a covered patio, 2 of the 4 sides are open so the wind beings in everything from hail to snow to rain.  If you know how the weather in Texas is, then you know that it isn't easy on anything outside! In the winter, we bring the cushions in, but during the spring and summer, I usually leave them out...unless I know we are getting tornado like weather! ;)  The cushions can easily be hosed down, which is nice!  I have also machine washed them....although it says not to...I am a total rebel!

Right now, you can save 20% off and get free shipping with the code SUNOUT!  That is a great deal!  We have the occasional bench, which is a couch and 2 occasional chairs.

Direct Affiliate Link: Occasional Bench

Direct Affiliate Link: Occasional Chair

Direct Affiliate Link: Storage Coffee Table 

Direct Affiliate Link: 24 inch outdoor pillow
(18 inch also available).  We have 2 of each size and they have held up perfectly!

Direct Affiliate Link: Dining Set

Remember to use the code SUNOUT to save 20% and to get free shipping on orders over $150!!
And just for fun, here is the link to some of the planters we have used on our patio:
Direct Affiliate Link: Set of 3 Galvanized Planters
 You can see more of my galvanized garden favorites by clicking: HERE!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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